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Earn smart & support others to earn.

There are only 4 mantras to kick start this business. Liaisoning with whole-sellers and delivery partners may not take more than 3 days.

  • Tie-up with good whole seller.
  • Tie-up with hard working delivery partners, who are willing to work per delivery. This will save you a lot.
  • Share your MARKET link to your friends, relatives & neighborhoods.
  • Sit, Relax, Monitor market prices, place order with your whole seller and co-ordinate with your delivery partners for in-time delivery.

Make sure your delivery partner uses gloves and thick mask while delivering & procurring goods. Stay safe, healthy & wealthy.

Why other account holders migrate to Market Online?

Billbook business users see many advantages in Market Online. Market Online is fully customized for the easy usage of merchants & customers. Here are the key points where we are mastery.

  • Single click catalog creation.
  • Online payment gateway.
  • Alternative payment gateway.
  • Consolidated orders.
  • And ofcourse, Presence in Market Place.
  • Customer Retention Management.
  • Customer Reward Points.
  • Customer Wallet.
  • Customer Referral Programme.
  • Market Place.

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Your Benefits

Here is the small illustration of your profits

An average (android mobile using 😀) middle class family spends ₹7000 every month for their essential goods like groceries, vegetables & fruits.

If you can manage to get 100 customers in a span of 3 months time, you can earn approximately ₹120000 every month. Your presence in our MarketPlace will bring more customers. In Vegetables & Fruits, you can make 15% to 25% while keeping your customers happy. In Groceries, 5% to 10% depends upon the brand you supply and in Unbranded Groceries you can make 10% to 15%.

If your customer are demanding Meat, Chicken & Fish, you can make 25% flat. There are many butchers are ready for this deal.
P.s:- Don't mingle these items with groceries, vegetables & fruits for delivery. Make sure you have exclusive delivery boy to handle this.


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